Why Resonate?

Because you want to be heard.

This holds true whether you’re writing a short business email, a cover letter, a grant proposal, a school play or a sonnet. You have something to tell, and you want your words to strike a chord. To make people think. Make them respond.

But resonance doesn’t imply great volume. Words resonate when they touch other hearts and minds, on scales both intimate and grand.

Writing needs texture. Sentences smooth as silk. Sentences that are ragged, torn. The words, the diction, the rhythm with which we weave each phrase provides traction, a sensation, something for readers to grasp and hold as they move along with you through the text.

Writing also needs force. Words that cause craters. Words as gentle as snowfall on hills of snow. The deft handling of the physics of language creates writing that impresses, echoes and persuades.

Words should have an impact. Let’s make yours.